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2005 Helping the Poor? The IMF and Low- Income Countries

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Graham Bird (1947) is professor of economics and director of Surrey Centre for International Economic Studies. He is currently working on a series of research projects dealing with various aspects of the IMF’s operations, currency crises and economic recovery, and macroeconomic policy in developing countries. He has recently completed a research project examining the catalytic effect of lending by the IMF and World Bank and is co-directing a study on the political economy of the IMF.

He has been a consultant to the Commonwealth Secretariat, the World Bank, WIDER, UNICEF, and UNDP. He was economic adviser to the Brandt Commission, and member of the editorial board of the Trade Policy Research Centre, and of the North-South Roundtable. He has been an adviser to the Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF and is a visiting scholar in the IMF’s Research Department. He has published many books and articles. His most recent book is The IMF and the Future: Issues and Options Facing the Fund (2003).