Henk Brouwer

Henk Brouwer (1946) has been an executive director of De Nederlandsche Bank since 1 July 1997, after holding posts in several Government ministries. From 1972 to 1980 he worked on the economic staff of the Ministry of Finance. From 1980 to 1983, he was deputy director-general and also acted as social and economic adviser to the Minister of the Interior. From 1984 until late 1989, he held the post of director-general in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. On 1 September 1992 he became treasurer-general in the Ministry of Finance.

In the intervening years, from 1990 to September 1992, he sat on the Executive Board of Nederlandse Phillipsbedrijven B.V.

Mr Brouwer graduated in General Economics from the Free University, Amsterdam in 1972. He completed his secondary education (science stream) in 1965.