Regionalism and the Global Economy: The Case of Central and Eastern Europe


New opportunities for regional integration were presented to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe when they embarked on their transition to democratic market economies at the end of the 1980s. While the ultimate goal is that these countries become members of the EU, they are also engaged in sub-regional integration efforts, as the free trade agreements among the Baltics as well as among the Central European countries demonstrate. This volume includes contributions from Zdenek Drábek, Miroslav Hrncír, András Intoai, Piritta Sorsa, Mark Allen, Franz-Lothar Altmann, Mats Karlsson, Ricardo Lago, Friedemann Müller, Joan Pearce, Roberto Rocha, Inna Šteinbuka, and Per Magnus Wijkman. It presents an encompassing analysis of Central and Eastern European economic integration and the prospects for EU enlargement.


Contents, Abbreviations

Preface by Jan Joost Teunissen

I Regional and Sub-Regional Integration in Central and Eastern Europe: An Overview, Zdenĕk Drábek

II The Global and Regional Outlook in Central Europe, Miroslav Hrnčiř

III The Global and Regional Outlook in the Baltics, Piritta Sorsa

IV Prospects for Joining the European Union, András Inotai

Appendix: List of Participants

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June 1997
ISBN-10: 90-74208-11-8

254 pages

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